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National Network Chapter For African Psychologists
Our Mission
To aid the psychological liberation of people of African ancestry throughout the world.
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The Hub for Black Psychology in the UK
The Association of Black psychologists (Abpsi) USA has now become international.  UK Abpsi is now an affiliate member of the USA National body. We are overjoyed to be able to share the knowledge and experience of our elders, brothers and sisters. 

Our Objectives are to advance African Psychology, to address significant problems affecting the Black community, empowerment of the African Character, and enlivenment and illumination of the African Spirit.

The UK Abpsi chapter was officially launched on March 17th 2018. This heralded the start of a series of black psychology workshops-presentations.

For those who will be attending the 50th convention of Abpsi USA this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet with other attendees, find out more information about Abpsi and hopefully choose to become a member of this most auspicious organisation.

Member Benefits
We believe UKAbpsi should be accessible to all Afrikans  everywhere, regardless of where you are in your professional career. Take a look at our member benefits:
Reduced fees for attending UK abpsi workshops
Fantastic Networking opportunities
Intellectual stimulation relevant to issues affecting Afrikans in the U.K.
Conferences (forthcoming)
Social events
Voting Rights in UK abpsi
Opportunity to be a member of board of directors

Community Spirit

Making a positive impact on Black Mental Health
UK Executive Committee Officers
“I look forward to developing the UK arm of Abpsi, there is unity & strength in numbers.”
Rameri Moukam


“My aim is to ensure UK Abpsi is financially strong so we can develop the UK chapter”.
Davy Hay


“I want to enhance and enrich the psychological well-being of children and their families”.

Dr Michele Perry

Child Enrichment Projects



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Our Mission is to aid the psychological liberation of people of African ancestry throughout the world.

© 2018  The Association of Black Psychologists (UK Abpsi).

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